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Aleksander Taver
Tlanslation: Svyatoslav Albireo


Dear I!

Before you keep on the reading, fix the number above the letter. Increase it by one. Only I have the access to the file, I mean, it is you now, my next copy. The number – is a counter of readings. Take it as a number for one of my copies that emerged since I realized the problem.
Most likely, I will not have time to finish this writing. You will have much more time. Continue, if it is necessary.
Firstly, about the most important thing. The revolution was successful! Neat, without a lot of blood, with a moderate damage to the territories and the economy. Moreover, we were able to provide even if not complete, but still the order in the State. Those with clean hands and thoughts came to power now.
There’s only one task left to solve: to keep it all. We did not sleep nights, not because of the burden of responsibility, but because of the tormenting anticipation of troubles, growing up inside each of us. History teaches that the hands and minds inevitably lose the purity after being in touch with the power. How to keep the old idealists?
The answer was simple and elegant. The matrix cloning was worked on to perfect. It lacked only the latest trivia – the definition of the collapsing moment of motivation when it’s time to replace with the man in his previous, unspoiled copy. We created the program of the evaluation the motivation, to know when it deviates from the desired motivation. We installed it in our information chips, and the possibility to add a bit of explosive has been provided at the time of the late Emperor. When the amount of deviation from the selected course and beliefs was reaching a certain level, the detonator triggered. After that we made copies and automated the process of replacing the key figures, that way, none of us could interfere in it.

Why am I telling you what you already know? I was playing for time. It was necessary to germinate the seeds of doubt, which sprouted, when you see the counter and began to think about why it could go wrong. The doubts are considered by the program as the deviation. The decision to change the course, too. You’re lucky: you doubted already in the moment when they made your copy. I should assure you, your doubts weren’t in vain. I think, because of this you are already doomed, If you have read down to this point. You will throw yourself in some acting, will try to correct something, but the program will not let you change anything substantial. We thought everything was as it should be, and shouldn’t be revised.

You rightly doubted that people who make revolutions are able to govern as well. For lack of time, I will not bore you with the details. You were right. The purity of hands and intentions was not enough. We led the country to the abyss, with all our sincerity and enthusiasm, thinking it will be a better future. The bunch of naive idio
Note: It seems, at this point, the program has registered the collapse of motivation in our predecessor. I will continue. It took me a couple of days to go out of the recover camera and check things out. I confirm everything. I’d better go aw
Note 2: I am — the seventh. I do not know what happened to the previous ones. I was outside. Very bad. I’m not the only one. They say that almost every week someone’s head shatters right in the middle of the government meetings. It is necessary to make decisions, but the government is paralyzed or blind. We’d better leave the scene, indeed. I can not stop to revive. It only remains to prepare for yourself
Ninth. Yes, to prepare the trap for yourself! This letter — the first thing you’ll read after
Eleventh. We must try to make it that way, every time you’d receive the collapse of motivation before you go ou
Seventeenth. I do not know where would they go to without us. Maybe to another precipice, but at least they’ll get a chance
Twenty-second. I hope my friends guessed to do the sa
Twenty-sixth. You’ve made i

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