03. Report of the north-east sector

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Aleksander Taver
Tlanslation: Svyatoslav Albireo

«Dear revolutionary!

The day before yesterday you glued leaflets around the palace, and accused me of tyranny, repressions, and so on, according to the list.

It is disgusting! What the hell you dare to write it!

With your look at the issue, according to your files, you beat your wife, inform on neighbors to the tax service and steal bulbs from the stairwell. So what? Did you see me putting up leaflets with something like that around your home? No! And you will not see it because I am a realist and don’t demand everything would be perfect.

Next, you write: «Power to the people!»

Are you out of your mind? Just a few in the Empire has defined their plans further than for the next evening or for the end of the week. And those plans are worthless — drunkenness, idleness, and stuff like that. I cannot believe that you do plan to give the control of the State to the people who think on such a scale. You should write honestly: «Power to me!» — I would understand that. I would not give it to you, of course, but I would think I was dealing with an individual, who is aware of his actions.

Moreover here it is: «Death to the Emperor!»

It’s like, if I die,  immediately — bang! — all will be happy. If you were really a thoughtful man, the long series of dictators and tyrants who had got this throne would clean up you on the idea that it’s not the Emperor’s fault. Maybe the problem is not the ruler, but those whom he has to manage? It seems, you aren’t a whale in the planning and don’t think out anything after the overthrow.

As for tyranny – there is no another way. Believe me, if people can be persuaded to obey by a hug, I would dismiss all punitive and hire relevant experts.

I must admit, I am done with you. I decided to get rid of you and alike you, at least, for a while.

The North-East sector. The boondocks, of course, but it is possible to live there. I let you do your propaganda there freely, and people support you. Moreover, I ordered to catch all of your associates and evict to there, and you would be appointed the governor. Separate from the Empire, if you like, declare yourself a king or a president, and live there as you like.

Thanks are not necessary. Don’t expect any help. And do not even dare mess with my subjects there! I guarantee an invasion and a public flogging.

One favor, please: Let everyone a couple of months to leave the sector safely. We’ll settle up one day.

Hate, your ex-E. »

His Majesty re-read the message and grinned. The letter was ridiculous, not imperial, at all, but it was written by him personally, not by the Secretary or the press-service. He flipped the page in the «Report on the North-East sector,» and grimaced at the sight of a copy of the leaflets since that started, and went to the conclusion. He is little interested in details.

— One and a half of month – as the governor, nine — as the President, one year – as the king of the North-East Sector, and a month in the prison.

As the newly-born governor fulfilled the only request contained in the letter, the Emperor considered it as his duty to try to rescue him. The invasion forces were late, but the burial place was found and the identification results were without doubts.

— Two years, — The Emperor shook his head. — Weakling!

He looked at the tables, concluding in the report:

— The loss of the population … Wow! And he called me … I hope, he would have time to understand what I had in mind when talked about tyranny.

The malevolent smile on his face changed to exasperation:

— Enough! This is an obvious failure.

He wiped «Report» from the table in disgust.

Deep inside the Emperor hoped the experiment will succeed. If you collect in one place those who sincerely believe in justice and equality, and they are ready to live in accordance with them – indeed wouldn’t it turn out at least a little positive experience?

Alas! Whether revolutionaries were not sincere, or emperors do not know how to do any social experiments, but this idea doesn’t work out.

— I must continue to oppress, —  sighed the Emperor.

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