02. The August Complaint

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Aleksander Taver
Tlanslation: Svyatoslav Albireo

Emperor flipped another page petition, and to his relief there was only half a paragraph in, and a long list of signatures, which he was not going to read. Removing the feet off the desk and put the document on their place, he was digging in one of the drawers.
He obtained a gold stamp with the accompanying pad, took careful aim and sealed the standard, in such cases, resolution in two parts.

The first part has been formed as the Emperor’s handwriting and read: «It is hard for all now, but no one whines, everyone wriggles. Take an example! Be brave! I wish you success! Your E. »

The second one, on voucher counterfoil for internal use which was on every standard form for petitions, was written by ordinary block letters and addressed to the relevant authorities: «Investigate these facts. If they complain again, destroy them! »

The Emperor was of the opinion that it is permissible to bother him only with the most compelling reasons. What is important – he left to solve it directly to citizens, but those who complain twice, he considered as whiners, he despised whiners, and tried timely to get rid the society of them. This made it possible to maintain the percentage of raving with active citizenship at a level not exceeding the public benefit.

The emperor put down the document and laughed bitterly. The scale of the problems from the inhabitants were insignificant in comparison with those that he had to deal with every day. And by the way, to complain to someone superior and stronger is not possible. Is there a higher powers or not —  they just do not take to rake the emperor’s stuff. You cannot write a petition here. Although…

— Hmm … the petition! But I am also a citizen of the Empire, and has never taken advantage of this right! Well-well … «Dear citizen!..” … Yes! Exactly «dear» … and a copy to everybody, by hand …

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