For my foreign friends


#realprotection “Ви, коммьюнистс, си олл нейшанс ин э коффин”* – вот это надо юзать конечно)))))))))))))

*Мы, коммунисты, все нации в гробу видали.

* we, communists, see all nations in a coffin
Don’t be afraid, it’s a Russian idiom, and it means “we don’t give a fuck for all nations”, it’s just about internationalism, like, we don’t care what nation you are, but sounds scary, I know)
My comrade said it yesterday in conflict with Pakistans. They attacked him and he messed them with Hindu, and they were offended, so he said that)))))
Lifehack 1. If you’re in some dangerous situation, pretend you’re a Russian and say with the Russian accent.
Lifehack 2. if you have real troubles, say them you’re a communist. It will work, perhaps.
Take care, comrades.
…I dunno if you have to teach your children that…

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