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#quantum_crime – И когда это будет достаточно странно, и до него можно будет донести, что Дитта нет? – спросила Ханна. – Точно не сейчас, – жестко сказал отец. – Каждый по-своему переживает горе. Пройдет, – вздохнула мать. – Вот! – Корин вбежал в комнату, но брата на постели не было. И книги не было. Мальчик…


#саентология круто)) саентологичненько )) ‎Nik Mironov‎ to Философия улиц

Eye of power

#writing And “Eye of power” now in English too! I wrote this book because I met people, whom I helped with thoughts, which I put into this book. It was when I worked as a psychologist. All stories in it are real. Just heroes have their prototypes, but not wholly are wrote from real people….


#кали_юга en\ru Is it beautifully? Yes, it’s beautiful. Labour is always beautiful. But ignorance is always ugly. Why these hands didn’t repair the ladder, look, how it was ruined, and decided to decorate it? To fall from a beautiful ladder as dangerously, as from an ugly one, guys. Remember it, when you want to make…