Музыка и мы

#Бургас #болгария #семейные_выходки Ага, эт мы 20 мая))

You’re awesome, guys, three all – you’re really very talented, – (Mariyan, you’re especially magnificent, insomuch as I love singing, and you have a great voice, and you’re amazing in whole), so we hope, you’ll get all luck along your way and we can follow and enjoy it, as well.


MESECHEENA (Месечина) is feeling proud with Mariyan Kovachev at Burgas Center.

A week ago this people bought one CD from us. Seems that they like it, because after they contact us by our facebook page and purchase the other 3 CD’s we already did years ago

It’s a nice feeling to have fans who want to have all your discography, enjoying your performance from the start to the end and taking photos of your band.
Thank you ❤

This is a good example that if anyone like to buy some or all of our CD’s, is more than welcome to purchase them by message on our facebook page MESECHEENA/МЕСЕЧИНА

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