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An ultimately useful manual.

from April 2017:

“… a person in our lives who continues to attack and insult others, claiming his own victimhood and the target’s own opposition to his aggression to be the cause of his behavior…

… Trump has taken up a lot of space in sessions precisely because he’s reminding people of abusers they had to fight to get away from, fight to define their own lives. One thing the guy is, other than a cowardly bully, is a litmus test for us individually and as a culture. What scares me most is that we can end up identifying a lack of empathy as a sign of strength. A lack of empathy becomes the norm and “might makes right” becomes the accepted rule.”


A Field Guide to Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists, and Other Abusers: An Interview with Zak Mucha – Criminal Element

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