Семья. Общество

#семья #familyofchoice Лучший способ вырастить социопата, это донести до ребенка, что он ненужен.
Вот да. Без интеграции нет никаких отношений. Без интеграции людей в общество – не может быть здорового общества.

Andrew Vachss

December 14, 2019 at 2:59 PM ·

The best way to get a sociopath is just create an unbonded child. You don’t have to even physically touch a child to refuse the child the bonding opportunities needed to learn empathy, to join our species.

And some children, when denied it at home, find other ways outside the home to still become completely whole. Some of the most empathetic, caring people I know, some of the real warriors against the beast, had all the qualifications to become a beast in terms of how they were treated, and didn’t.

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