#семья #семейството #familyofchoice Эндрю говорит, что не надо понимать и прощать тех, кто не может в человеческие отношения. Пусть идут от общества в лес и пусть их там ебут злые волки.
Нормальное властительское, которое нам несли учителя в школах. Ненавистное, потому что это было про вас. Это вам в лес, бабуинам, надо, потому что. Помните? Неинтересно на уроке, не мешай другим. Выйди или сиди тихо.

Andrew Vachss

December 16, 2019 at 12:15 PM ·

Imprisoned predators receive as much fan mail as rock stars. They are courted by the news media, studied by devoted sociologists, their every word treasured as though profound. Their paintings are collected, their poetry published.

I received a letter from a young woman who gushed that, after a long exchange of letters, she was “granted visiting privileges” with Mr. Dodd and subsequently appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael due to her “relationship” with “Wes,” whom she believes is “sincere.” So do I. We simply disagree about the object of his sincerity.

– “Sex Predators Can’t Be Saved,” by Andrew Vachss
New York Times, 1993

Does anyone think the impact of “social media” has changed this dynamic?

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