#семья #familyofchoice Грит, заколебли, когда вам говоришь, что происходит – вы говорите, что это ужасные выдумки, когда уже все об этом начинают говорить, вы скулите – ой, если бы мы знали.
А на деле, вы просто не хотите верить, что акулы водятся в бассейне. А они водятся.

Andrew Vachss

Certainly some of the stuff I write that people think is so horrible is, in fact, toned down. Each of the books has been ahead of what journalism is reporting, and I’m always roundly criticized. Then as the pendulum swings back, everyone says, “Oh, we should have known.”

Whether it was trafficking in children’s body parts, or predatory pedophiles in daycare centers, or a 6-year-old committing a homicide. All those events that were reported, if you will, in my work later get validated by the media. But prior to that validation, everybody’s very upset with what I write. Nobody wants to believe there are sharks in the swimming pool.

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