A great offer.

#семья #familyofchoice great offer. Don’t miss an opportunity to do something eternally useful in your lives

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Andrew Vachss


A message for those cash-strapped at the moment: For a limited time, you can get the audiobook of Another Chance to Get It Right for FREE. This isn’t some “public service” — Audible is doing this to drive folks to sample their service.

And here’s the ultimate icing on the cake: 10% of *all proceeds* — not merely “profits” — will go directly to the Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection. What does that mean with a free book? Plenty, because the publisher still gets paid every time the “free” option is selected.

So buy it outright and add a contribution of your own, or get the audiobook for free, or simply request that your Public Library order it. Whichever path you choose, you’ll get something of value at the same time that you *do* something of value.

Details here:

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