#familyofchoice #семья Дед часто говорил Эндрю, что когда-нибудь люди будут читать книги, которые написал Эндрю.

Это да. Даже если бы он не писал книг, люди бы все равно читали все, что им написано.

Andrew Vachss

I came to writing late, and to being published much later. But reading was so inextricably intertwined with the complex threads of my childhood that it could have been genetically encoded.

My mother read to me every day, without fail. And it was my mother’s father, my beloved grandfather, who introduced me to the magic kingdom on Fifth Avenue, that huge monolith guarded by stone lions.

As my mother read to me, she knew the day would come when I would be reading to her. And when my Grandfather Nathan took me to the library, he never tired of telling me that, one day, people would be reading the books I wrote.