Place of power at home

  1. We all live somewhere. Someones is proud of the cage that they have equipped, someones wander around the world and are looking for their home, someones always have a home like turtle and snail with them.
    But we all live somewhere.
    What is the place where you live, your place of power? What corner of your house is the coziest and most yours? If there is one, take a picture of it. If not, wander around the house, look, sit in the corners, in the rooms, maybe even go out to the entrance. Well, Lars Mikkelsen, until he bought a house, his favorite place in the apartment was in the entrance, outside the apartment)))) And if you still don’t find a corner of power, then think about where it would be best to make it and create it.
    Now you don’t have to go to Altai and Pripyat, you get your own Shambhala, which gives you strength.
    Yes, this is the main sign of a place of power – to give you peace, strength and a desire to create.


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