The waters of reality


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts

The waters of reality

Above there was the golden sun. Leaves in all shades of green. Blue, turning into an unbearable blue, sky. And their soft pink petals were highlighted with gold. And dark clear water below. They didn’t like looking into her. She reflected everything in grey-black.

Once, the most beautiful flower, after kissing a bright motley butterfly, contemptuously turned to the water.

– Look, the world is so bright, but you reflect it dark and two-tone. Why are you so angry? Look there, the sun is golden, but yours is gray, the leaves are green, but yours are black. And what about me? I am shining, and you reflect me as an autumn skeleton!

Silvery ripples appeared on the Dark Water, as if the water was laughing.

– Oh, it’s not my malice that paints the world black, – said the water, – it’s the malice of the creators of the world. I am the water of Reality. It is your consciousness paints the world with bright colors. But I reflect it the way it really is.

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