Traces on the sand


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts

-What is it? Did you do it? – the man grabbed the girl’s hand.
A fragile, like a withered twig, in bleached sacking, Kekhe-or, with her whole body staggered behind her uncle and back, hitting her knuckles painfully on the buckle of his belt.
-No! It was like that before me!
The man, gloomy, dark, looked around warily. But the rest of the fishermen were unloading, no one looked at their direction.
Tamir cursed and began to erase the drawing with his feet. He released Kekhe-or.
-What do you freeze, erase it, quickly!
The girl rushed to help the man. The uncle, actually, was kind and never offended her. He was worried about his niece, whom the entire village considered a begotten of the lower world. A few years ago, Kekhe-or’s parents went out to sea to fish. At night. Tamir’s brother, Leokhan was considered lucky, fish loved him. His wife, the unusual blue-eyed Kalitara, Leokhan always took fishing with him. Agile and flexible Kalitara was both comrade and friend for her husband. That time Leokhan also took his little daughter. They were gone for a week. Nobody worried. The fishermen used to spend the night in the bays. And then the boat returned. It was full of fish, already rotten, and there was Kekhe-or, in torn burlap, with traces of blood and fish scales. She did not speak, did not even blink, only looked at everyone with her different eyes – one bright blue, like her mother’s, and another one light green, like her father’s. Tamir lived alone, he took the girl in his house. The bodies of Leokhan and Kalitara were not found. But they found their clothes.
And Kekhe-or has since forgotten how to blink and sleep. Bad sign. In the village, it was believed that it was not Kekhe-or who returned with rotten fish, but the evil spirit of the sea, which lives on the life force of the murdered couple. But people were afraid to attack Kekhe-or – what if the spirit gets angry?
And the mark in the sand was the seal of the Doors. Everyone knew this. If the fishermen had seen it, they would have left the village, gone further along the shore. And Kekhe-or. Who was an ordinary girl, Tamir was sure of that.
-Tamir! Let’s go! – someone shouted.
-I am on! – the man answered, looked at the sand. Not a trace of printing.
He sighed.
-Well, let’s go.
Kekhe-or obediently followed him.
The seal of the Doors gathered on the sand again.

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