Somewhere far away there is a land


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

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Somewhere far away there is land

-Tell me it again! – Arad demanded.

Kekhe-or sighed and looked at the boy. She wanted to wave off like an adult, but she knew she wouldn’t.

After all, no one waved off little Arad. Inexplicably. He annoyed many ones. His questions were uncomfortable, even unpleasant. And he asked them at the wrong time. Didn’t obeyed anyone. Not the kind of child who can be distracted and mind his own business.

Kekhe-or was paid by Arad’s parents for babbysitting, and Kekhe-or could not refuse to work.

– Far, far away there is a land, where everyone lives well, like a family in which everyone is in love with each other …

– Are there families where everyone is in love with each other?

– There are! Arad, why are you asking the same thing?!

The boy’s blue eyes stared somewhere in front of him.

Kekhe-or ran her hand over her face.

– They share everything equally…

– And how do they have enough for everyone? And the best hunters, do they get as much as the klutzes? – Arad asked again what he had asked many times.

– Yes, they have enough.

– How is it? – asked thoughtfully Arad.

– Because this land is illuminated by a blue-golden sun, – Kekhe-or explained.

– Blue-gold sun. – Arad raised his head, looking at the golden sun, trying to see the blue in it. But the sun was golden-green, as always.

– Why do they have a different sun?

– Because it’s a fairy tale, Arad!

The boy shook his head.

– Who told you it? – the boy asked.

– I do not know. I do not remember. Grandmother Hatkhor, probably.

Arad straightened up, all skinny and lanky, he always looked older than his years.

– Well, you can eat and read something, and I’ll go to Grandma Hatkhor.

And Arad went away. Kekhe-or jumped up and rushed after him.

– What are you doing! It is forbidden! I can’t leave you. Ramul will swear.

But Arad was not afraid of his father, just as he was not afraid of anything in life.

– Then come with me, – Arad shrugged, – I need to find out where they got the sun, which shines so that everyone has enough of everything.

– It’s just a fairy tale!

– There are no just fairy tales, – without looking at Kekhe-or said Arad.

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