Memory of the universe


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts

-What is it? – I asked.

-A board game, – Eric smiled as he sat down on the table in front of me and placed this strange shining thing next to me. – Do you want to play?

-Of course,- I nodded, peering into the overflows under the glass.

Is it glass?

I touched the smooth surface, tapped the plaque with my fingernail.

-What is this game, what are the rules?

-Simple, – Eric spun the plaque on the table. – guess the year, spin the top, it stops. You ask a question that you want to get an answer for the era and look.

-Wow, – I leaned back in my chair, – where did you get it?

-Who does care, Amiy?

-It matters, I would take a few for gifts.

-They are not sold in stores yet, – Eric laughed velvety.

-What is it really?

-The memory of the universe. Memory card, – shrugged Eric.

I took the plaque and peered into it carefully. That is why the ever-changing pattern resembled everything in the world. It was the purpose of this glitter – to remind.

-Is it important for anyone to keep it? The memory of the universe?

I still wanted to believe that there was someone who cared.

Eric laughed again and shook his head. His inky eyes, however, looked without mockery.

-No, but I thought it would be funny. When this universe is gone, it will be fun to revisit its stories from time to time.

It would be funny. I shivered.

-What are you afraid of? – he chuckled, – you, unlike the universe, are alive, so you will always be.

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