Only watch


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

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Tesheri, whom Rime favorably gave the opportunity to observe Deos, all this time, without moving and without blinking, looked at the man. His movements gave rise to a long, unfamiliar pleasure, which sometimes splashed her with a slight flash at the climax of the working scheme, when from one slight movement the living crumbled into myriads of sparks of life. Only now it was long and somehow even, and nothing needed to be done for this. Just stand and watch.

When Deos first disappeared from her eyes – Rime hid from her the acquaintance of Deos with Katana – she called “Rime! Rime! I understood!”

“What did you understand?”

“Understood what it means when you are not noticed!”

“And how is it?” the spider asked indifferently.



“What is “And”?”

“Well, I understand, it hurts – and? So what?”

“You said you would let me go when the time is right and I understand. Let me go. I need it.”

Rime laughed.

“I said you would understand. And I’ll let go when the time comes. Why did you mix it up in your head?”

“What should I do?” – Tesheri asked in a matter-of-fact and unemotional manner.

“I don’t know. Think, probably. I would think if I were you.”

Tasheri thought. And then Deos appeared again and she decided to watch. And think about when he will disappear.

“I’m here”, AlbireoMKG

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