How to say “thank you” to you?


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

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How to say “thank you” to you?

The Sea was light. Compared to cities. Even the rays of the sun penetrated through the gray veil of nothingness. So forgotten sun. All over the gray canvas, both in the sky and on the line of the beach, lay lace patterns. But it’s better this way, in places where the sun managed to break through, it burned out the rest of the enraged life. The black stripe of the Sea separated the gray sky from the gray earth. Our house, which hid us from acid rain, tornadoes patrolling the beach, and other gifts of nature that were fed up with people, did not bother the Sea. Actually, it was it that gave us this house, bringing a reinforced concrete bulk to the shore, with rooms, stairs, in some places there were even mirrored windows. And we could not give anything to the Sea in return. I came for water, immersed the bottle in a dark abyss and took out a transparent salutary moisture. I thanked, but it was so pathetic and so stupid. The Sea was fresh when we took on water and salty when we had to sail to the islands. Why it helped a bunch of people, I didn’t know. I asked, yes, I asked, stroking the dark surface, how I could repay to it. But of course it didn’t answer. Didn’t know, probably.

Silvera came out of the house.

– Dinner is ready, – she announced the good news and looked at me expectantly. That was my turn.

I nodded, and she incredulously, inquisitively, continued to look at me.

I looked back.

-Thea,- I called.

The girl enthusiastically looked up at the natural huge kaleidoscope. She looked at me, reluctantly looking away from the sunny lace. Indeed, if you choose between this and me. I chuckled.

-Thea… – Silvera called in disbelief.

Thea shuddered and looked at the woman, screamed and rushed to her.

I turned away and rubbed my eyes. Unnecessary joy.

Why did we gather these survivors around the cities? After all, we had nowhere to lead them. There was no paradise. No land was waiting for us anywhere.

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