What’s on the edge?


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts


-Not! No, no! Not! – from impotent anger, she kicked the dust and grass, – it can’t be, it can’t be like that!

A pained half-groan, half-moan escaped his throat. And his throat began to hurt, as if a scream had scratched him.

She reached, reached the very end. All these sacrifices, she traded everything for the knowledge of the Way, tolerated these stinking teachers with their advice and teachings, just to find out. And so she reached a place where no one could reach. Where the Priests did not let even the initiated reach. Emissa, the daughter of the ruler of the seven lands, deceived, flattered, pretended. And finally, she is at her destination. The world ended and nothing lay behind it. There was no miraculous exit to a beautiful and desirable world. She learnt where the light ended, and beyond that, of course, was just darkness.

-Get up, let’s go, – she heard the voice of one of the mentors. Nexter. How she hated him.

She looked up at him with tear-stained eyes.

-There’s nothing there! – she cried.

-For you,- he chuckled.

-What? I passed all the levels!

-I told you that you need to pass the level understanding, and not deceiving the oracle with formalism. You just don’t know what’s out there, so you can’t see anything.

Blue eyes flashed with anger. He is arrogant again!

-I am also a mentor now.

-Yeah, what a bad mentor you are, – he grunted and went to the edge of existence, spread his arms and fell into the black abyss.

She screamed, peered cautiously into nothingness.

Nexter was again next to her, only a little to the side. In his hands shimmered a bracelet, the same as in the books of the Highest. So they are there!

-Take it. And go home. There, the potatoes for dinner are not peeled, – the man casually handed the bracelet to her.

– How are you? .. So I can do it too!

Emissa closed her eyes for a moment and rushed to the edge of existence.

– Stop! But potatoes!

The girl jumped into the darkness. The Being disappeared, there was only darkness around. Emissa didn’t even fall, she just hung in the darkness. She could roll over, stand up, sit down, however, there was nothing to lean on. And that’s all.

– Well, what is there? – a man similar to him came up to Nexter. Although Nexter was all sort of bright, like a summer day, and the approached was dark as a winter night.


– Well, let’s get by with pasta, – Kamir, also a mentor, shrugged his shoulders, – let her hand there.

– Yeah.

Amisa suddenly heard Nexter’s hateful mocking voice “when you’ll get tired of hanging out in nothingness, call me. Potatoes won’t peel themselves.”

– And what do you have here? – Kamir asked, nodding at the bracelet.

– Yes, I took it for her, here, in the Highest world, to console her.

– Oh, give it to me.

Nexter smiled and handed the bracelet to his friend.

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