First meeting


art by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and give the arts their names

It’s night. Everyone went to their rooms to rest. Someone plays the guitar, someone laughs, lovers make their love. Everyone knows that nothing will happen here. A safe place in a dangerous world. The ours are not even afraid of the attack of people, because breaking through the strip of the uncleans that stands until the morning on the edge of the beach is a task with an asterisk.

I went ashore, sat down by the dark surface. Through the gray veil in the sky, the light of the stars and the moon made its way, painting the thin veins of the cover in multi-colored lace, which was reflected in colored spots in the Sea.

There were more and more of us. Not every day, but often.

I understood that the rooms in our house would eventually run out. The building on the shore will not be able to accommodate all the survivors. And food. While everything was going well, there were more of us, the Sea gave more and more fish and other marine animals. It threw out algae, which could be dried and crushed – salt was obtained. Becoming insipid, it threw out other plants to us, which could be crushed and used as flour. The sea took care of us. But I didn’t know why, and it scared me.

I was afraid that if we taught to save the Sea, then a cult would be born. People were already looking at us, the first ones on the beach with an unhealthy gleam in their eyes. A fanatical gleam. They were already ready to create a new god, since the old one turned away from them. Let there be Sea.

A new cult in many years will lead to the same disaster. I thought I understood why it happened. The Nature tried to shake up humanity. It was tired of greedy hypocrites. Only those who know how to live not only for themselves will survive now. In our world now it was impossible to survive alone. All nature rushed at the “lone wolves”. It is a depressing sight to watch how they try to fight in their hostility with the united angry world.

We must rid the future of the cult. It is necessary that there be no priests, no savers, no other spacers between nature and man. No chosen ones. The chosen ones, the very idea of ​​being chosen, always brings people only troubles.

-Why are you doing this? How can we repay you? – I asked, touching the dark surface.

-Why shouldn’t I do it? – I heard and shuddered.

In the darkness next to me was the silhouette of a thin man. He was not and appeared. The unclean. But the uncleans cannot enter the beach. The Sea?

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