Hospitality of the Last Resort


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts

-Welcome, welcome, and here you are, finally arrived, – a monster with an insect body, branched arms and a humanoid face walked towards the couple from the purple darkness.

The gender of the creature was impossible to determine. At least Radha couldn’t. Noisy, sinisterly cheerful, feigned ingratiating something did not seem more dangerous than anything that was here on the Dark Side. The creature did not inspire confidence, but it did not frighten, at least after the first “oops”.

-How glad I am, I am Faypari, you can call me Faya, – the creature introduced itself.

-Hello, – Alisher stepped towards the monster and opened his arms.

Faypari incredulously but cheerfully looked at the man, waved his hand and stepped towards him. Branches-arms lashed the man’s back, wrapping around him.

Radha screamed. Alisher hugged Faypari back. There were more and more branches, they slid along Alisher’s shirt and pants, poking inside with thin sharp processes, as if trying to pierce him.

Alisher pulled back a little, still smiling amiably, looking into Faypari’s face.

-Does the fireplace work in the rooms? – he asked honey, – is there enough firewood?

-Well, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but try, – Faypari said embarrassedly, hoping for understanding, releasing Alisher, taking away the branches and carefully straightening the shirt on the man.

-Are you Radha? A beginner?

-You know… – the girl tried to assess what had happened. It looks like Alisher knows this monster. It will be necessary to ask him… the first fear passed and Radha was delighted that her acquaintance knew something about this place.

-Of course, dear, of course! All visitors come here, so of course I know, let’s go. You will have a nice room.

-And how much … how much does it cost?

Faypari glanced at Alisher, met his heavenly gaze and flashed a smile.

-Nothing, dear. The room is included in the payment for why you are here. When you pay for what you want to get here, poor Faypari will also be paid. Breakfast and lunch are included, by the way.

Alisher chuckled.

It was also dark inside, only the place where the guests were walking was illuminated.

-Only you need to leave a deposit for the key,- Faypari smiled, laying the carved key on the counter.

-Yes, how much? – Radha nodded.

– Oh, just a nail, I’ll return it when you leave. Here, – Faypari pointed to the scissors in the organizer, which lit up from the darkness.

And Alisher appeared out of the darkness.

-I’ll pay bail for both of us,- the man smiled as he took the scissors.

-Yeah? Oh, stop it, Alisher, if so, since you vouch for the new one, you don’t need a deposit, – Faypari said politely. It suddenly seemed to Radha that the monster was afraid of something.

-Well, rules are rules, – the darkness distorted Alisher’s features and, as it often seems in the dark, he seemed to be grinning, not smiling.

-Don’t! – Faypari squealed, and the organizer and scissors disappeared. The monster immediately smiled politely again. – Do you want one room?

Faypari snarled through his teeth.

Alisher shrugged and looked at Radha. She was embarrassed to stay with a stranger in the same room, but she did not want to be alone in this place either.

-I don’t mind, – said Alisher and smiled at Radha, – it’s always crowded here, so if you don’t mind…

-No, – Radha smiled with relief, – I don’t want to be alone.

The girl confessed and she immediately felt somehow easier.

-Second floor, number 13,- Faypari muttered.

-Thank you, – mockingly thanked Alisher.

As the couple disappeared from view, Faypari’s smile faded.

-Why does he need this new one? – a creature similar to a potato appeared on the counter.

-Who knows, Atok, we don’t know what she’s done.

-Yes, – Atok, the embodiment of a curse, stretched out his legs-protrusions, sighing noisily, – but something bad, very bad, since Alisher came.

– The cat dragged in, – Faypari nodded. – why he does not sit in his halls.

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