Golden hearts


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts.

You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures.

-Raes, you go with us. Treason.

Excitement, Raes sank into a clearing in some eastern village. The queen stood in front of a frightened family – a man, two women, a girl, the age of the concubines sold to robbers, and a young man, a little older than the girl. The father held the young man by the shoulders.

Between Laa and the family lay evidence of treason. Phoenix laid out with pebbles on the grass.

-I’m asking, who tried to call the Phoenix, bypassing the Order? – Laa asked.

-I just wanted … – … – the girl began, her father interrupted her:

-It’s me. Just asked for a harvest. Just like the grandfathers did. I didn’t know it was forbidden.

The woman covered her face with her hands and burst into tears. The other hugged her, trying to comfort her.

–Raes, was the call algorithm explained to them?

-Of course. The instructor chuckled.

-And why didn’t you apply to the Order? Laa asked.

-It is very expensive. – said the man.

-The Order is merciful, you could work out the conversion, lazybones.

-My wife is already working for the Order. But it is enough only to pay gratitude for the Phoenix’s mercy that he does not burn us.

-We could sell one of our puppies. -Raes chuckled.

The man didn’t answer, tightening his grip on his son’s shoulders. He was always trying to say something, but his father preemptively squeezed his shoulder.

-It’s all clear to me. But the rules are the same for everyone. For treason – death or you can redeem your life.

The man nodded and stepped towards the queen. The woman broke free from the woman’s embrace and rushed to the queen.

-No, don’t kill him! Take me!

-You? She looked at the peasant woman. – What’s the use of you? Death will be a lesson to others.

The young man was finally able to escape from his father’s fingers.

-Take me instead father.

Laa beckoned the young man to her.

-What is your name?

-Call it what you like. – the young man shrugged.

It was the ancient rite of this village, as long as you don’t give your real name, there is no power over you. Therefore, the villagers had nicknames for others, giving names only to those close to them.

Laa laughed, patted the young man on the head, turned to Wing.

-Well? Will we forgive them?

-The queen is merciful. Raes grinned.

-We’re taking Kurd for your life,- Laa nodded. -But we must punish you.

Raes unfolded his hand and the stones with which the Phoenix was laid out, shot up, fell on the man, he fell to the ground with a groan, women and daughter rushed to him with screams. Kurd also rushed to his father, but Raes pulled him towards him.

-No, you’re mine now.

Kan-Dzirians soared up, Raes pressed the young man to him, who tried to understand what was happening with his father. The mentor took possession of the prey in flight, gagging him in his mouth.

-Don’t yell, it’s indecent to yell in front of the queen.

Ito no longer believed the deceptive first moment, waiting for further developments. She silently wept when she saw the beautiful Azarta. How did it happen that two beautiful Gold Virgins turned out to be so cruel that they can equal the conqueror? Ito felt like her heart was turning inside out.

I’m here, AlbireoMKG

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