Inferno of knowledge


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts.

You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

Afer walked through the world of demons, burning in their pine, torn apart by doubts and constantly new knowledge, beautiful creatures made their world almost hell. Everyone tried to find a stable data for themself, but there was as much knowledge as there was a lot of existence. Afer saw how some called for the unfortunate, carried away with knowledge and omnipotence, leaving them next to them. The angel saw these perpetually unsatisfied, insecure demon whores. And the demons could not satisfy their own hunger, nor the hunger of their victims. Afer went to Alyucheh, to the tower of knowledge, where the demon was usually. And the hungry demons looked back at the heavenly, proud handsome man. The angel seemed to embody everything that everyone was looking for, but they could not even realize it. Cold Afer twisted his clear lips in a contemptuous smile, slashing the heart of the embodied pine with a shining blue look.

-Where are you from, Afer? – a demon, exhausted from unquenched passion, appeared before him, looking into the heart of an angel and reading his name.

– I’m going to Alyucheh, – the angel looked to the side, he didn’t have the strength to voice that the familiar object of ridicule is now his master.

– I follow you. Otherwise, you will be torn to pieces here.

The angel grimaced arrogantly. He wanted to answer that no one has the power to break him, but he did not know what to expect from the new owner, what if he gives him to be torn to pieces by a hungry pack.

-Thank you, Edjan. – Afer nodded majestically.

-What’s new in heaven?

-Go and find out, – Afer grinned. – Nothing, Edjan, work and job as usual.

The demon smiled sadly.

-Can I? .. – Edjan held out his hand to the angel.

-Of course, craving. – condescendingly allowed Afer. The demon stroked the angel’s blond hair, closed his eyes, and exhaled a soft groan of relief. He brushed Afer’s face and exhaled a low growl, opening his dark eyes that had become predatory.

-Well, enough masturbating. – Afer laughed. Edjan shook his head in embarrassment.

The Tower of Knowledge sparkled smooth black in the sun. The couple went inside.

-Can I show you the tower? – the demon offered.

-There is hardly anything that I do not know. – Afer chuckled arrogantly.

-Maybe you’ll be interested…

-Afer… what are you doing here? – Alyucheh came out of his office. The demon toiled about how to hold him, how to make the angel happy, toiled, too, more out of habit, only looking into the blue, sparkling eyes of the angel, Alyucheh knew what to do – that the pine and toil would pass forever, you just need to merge, dissolve the gift of God in yourself. He knew how, he could enjoy the process, but when Afer disappeared from his field of vision, the familiar pine squeezed his heart. Will it work? Wouldn’t it be better to give him freedom? Return him to the desired God? After Alyucheh mastered Afer, the doubts became palpably painful. Now the demon rushed to Afer, and saw that he was in the tower.

-I came to you. I didn’t want to stay at home. I think, I go and poke you in the heart. – The angel smiled.

-Go with me, I’ll poke you in another place, – smiled Alyucheh.

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