In the winter forest


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

-I can’t believe we’re doing this! – Vadim wandered through the snow. -Yes, even for a girl with whom I have not even slept. What if she is in bed like this, Snow Maiden, – Vadim laughed.
-Will teach her, – smiled May. – Rostislav doesn’t complain about his Snow Maiden.
-That’s right, – Vadim agreed philosophically, mechanically reached for the pancake.
-What are you doing? This is a sacrificial meal. It is forbidden. Grandpa Frost will be offended.
-Sorry, I forgot. You know, I don’t really believe that, May. This lady is crazy. Your Nastya is in a brothel somewhere or at the station, you just need to punch her phone, but we bake pancakes and run through the forest.
-I was looking for her. Those days. And I called her. Her phone switched off. And for some reason you can’t get her. I asked them for a phone number, I thought maybe they would give another one, maybe she changed it. At home she guarded, the next day, until night, she did not come, in the group I asked, no one knows anything. I have a friend of a cop, a good man, he checked her phone, and social networks, too, and he said his guys to pay attention to it. Let’s try this today, tomorrow we’ll try something different.
-It looks, we are here. Here is the first slope, Katya and I rode here, remember, such a busty one.
-I don’t remember, – May smiled.
-Listen, are you, in general, about the women? How can you not remember Katya?
-Come on, it’s youe business, to remember your women, who is busty, who is muzzy … we came, sort of. Well, let’s put it on.
-Yeah, I couldn’t anymore, I mean women, I’ll give Santa Claus a promise to love, appreciate, otherwise he won’t give me Marfutka back. Oh, well, Marfutka, you will have to try to replace all the women for me!
Vadim put the treat under the tree, May under the next one.
May raked the snow for himself and for Vadim and took off his shoes, standing barefoot on the frozen ground.
Vadim, too, immediately cursed.
-How cold.
-Don’t swear, evil spirits, they say, they don’t like it.
-How we call him?
-Well, I don’t know, in free form, I guess, Snow Maiden didn’t say anything. Inget, Inget, come to me for a treat, I have a request.
-Yeah. And I have. How did they call the swearing dwarf in the camp, right? Inget, Inget, come to pancakes and bring Marfutka. Is it ok, not too soon?
May shrugged.
-Geata taught us, Inget, Snow Maiden, – he said loudly.
Vadim looked around.
Inget and Viskola played ice cubes for a wish. Suddenly Inget smiled and listened.
-What? Has everyone decided to throw away their daughters this year? Another Snow Maiden? – Viscola chuckled.
-I haven’t heard that in hundreds of years! – Inget laughed, – The Call, can you imagine?
-Your name? – the blizzard broke her beautiful eyebrows.
-Mine, yes. This is for the daughter of a good fellow.
-For Nastya? – the blizzard was amazed.
-Yeah, – said Inget cheerfully, – I’ll go, son-in-law is here, after all.
The blizzard laughed crystal-clearly and leaned back in her chair.
-Call him here. Will we test him?
-Of course. That’s the tale.
Viscola clapped her hands.

That’s the tale, AlbireoMKG

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