behind the fence

behind the fence


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories and name arts.
You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

It was amazing. Who in our time needs a fence, and even with barbed wire? How can one not be afraid that this thorn will wrap around the throat at any moment and suffocate?
The group and I walked past the fence, to check that it was dangerous inside, and there was no need, we went to the supermarket to replenish supplies. With the ropes of the sea, evil spirits no longer seemed such a problem, so we could go where the gangs were afraid to go. And after one of them was burned by the sea, they didn’t come to us either.
And suddenly I heard a cough outside the door. Human. Male. Maybe a dog? Although there are no dogs left in the city. I stopped. The group too. Rakhmet looked at me questioningly.
The black cord around my neck moved, coordinates splashed onto the track. I already knew the coordinates of the city almost by heart.
I gestured to Rakhmet at the fence. We’ll have to climb up there. There is what our protector of the sea needs.

Cat in the window. AlbireoMKG

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