Ancient gods



Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories and name arts.

You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did.

-Here, this is our god Topol Aseat Sam,- Talulah dropped to one knee and bowed her head, pressing her fist to her heart.

Narem watched the energy blasts erupt from the ground as he relayed data.

The android’s hearing scrolled through the frequencies, deciphering the signals.

-I’m “Topol 57”, I’m “Topol 57, my coordinates … – he heard on one of them.

Nar jumped up from his chair, pressed the call button. The group gathered in the room almost instantly.

-Narem found the missing Poplar 57! They are in Altana!

-500 years have passed… – Karim Aloyan responded, – what is the probability that they survived?

-50 to 50, – thoughtfully stretched Elovsky, – either survived or not.

Council of the gods. AlbireoMKG

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