Flashmob and Eternity

194.In short, I decided today instead of the usual incoming task from Eternity, to make a flash mob. It is not quite ordinary one, it needs to be done throughout December, but I decided we would do it for decades. This flash mob was invented and created by Paper Bird, but we agreed that all our flash mobs are from Aili.
So, we will have 10 questions to answer. On the 20th I will post another 10 questions and at the end of December the last 10. Unlike many other tasks of Eternity (I sometimes do them, sometimes I don’t) I will also do this one. Well, do you remember what I say always – everyone loves questions. This is an illusion of someone’s interest in us. And it’s nice, someone needs to want to know something about you. Hence the fashion for flash mobs and tests.

Day one: Let’s remember what happened this year? What important events happened during these months?
Day two: What were your plans for 2022? Have they come true?
Day three: Thank you 2022 for…
Day four: In 2022, I realized that…
Day Five: What have I learned about myself this year?
Day six: How have I changed this year?
Day Seven: 3 Major Achievements of 2022
Day Eight: Trials of 2022
Day nine: Major failure of 2022
Day Ten: The Biggest Disappointment of 2022


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