searchings for nothing

I went to collect the file for next year’s Yule celebration traditions. It’s so terrible, digging into the feces of modern schizoterics, who, damn it, open the love chakras on Yule, and whisper prayers to angels, and whatever. To find historical works, to look at the etymology of traditions … such a hard work. That’s why it’s always difficult for me to rewrite a fairy tale. You can’t just rewrite it, you can only artistically play over that old story. Otherwise, you’re a dumb asshole.
Well, and when you dig mythology, you find a lot of other things. Here, I found the legend of the northern Tlingit Indians about the Raven, who brought the Sun to people)))

“A long time ago, Raven looked down from heaven to earth and saw that people in the world live in darkness. The ball of light was safely hidden by the old selfish leader. The raven turned himself into a spruce needle and swam along the river, to which the leader’s daughter came for water. She swallowed the needle, got pregnant and gave birth to the boy who was the Crow. The baby cried and cried until the leader gave him a ball of light to play. Having obtained the light, the Raven immediately turned into himself and raised the light to heaven. Since then, the people of the earth stop living in the dark
(c) Swanton.

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