So, you say, he’ll come


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

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So, you say, he’ll come

I stared at the blackness in front of me. As impenetrable as our future. Although much more beautiful than it is. Future. How much longer can we hold on? People need their homes, their land, their place. But we didn’t have a place. We were guests of Sea, which was not at all botheres by that the world was dying. Sea was not going to die, he did not even seem to notice what had happened. He knew, but… he didn’t care. Looks like he just cared about that jerk.

On the shore, the prisoner, the Unclean, huddled white, Sea gave him a name – Reflectedray. The Unclean helped our commune, carried out the orders of Sea, did not try to escape, sometimes I saw him sitting on the edge of the beach and crying. Just like alive.

Sea appeared next to me.

– I saw him, – I said. I didn’t want to continue. But I had to, – he said that he would come.

– When? – Sea asked impatiently, restrainedly evil.

– He said that he needed to finish something, he said it would take a couple of days.

– You offered to help?

I was silent. No, I didn’t. I didn’t want to help him. I was actually hoping that this something would kill this jerk.

– Where did you see him?

– In an abandoned house. There is also a fence with a thorn.

– Does he live there?

– I don’t know.

Sea began to get angry, black waves began to beat the shore. The evil spirits screamed thinly and desperately, bouncing off the water.

– But you say that he said he would come?

– Yes.

– How it was?

– I said that we have a commune on the shore, that you protect us from the Uncleans, give us a home, water, food. And that you look for him. He was surprised, and said that I should not follow him, he would come to you himself. Just will finish one thing. I also asked him when. He said he needed a couple of days to finish everything.

– Finish? Did he say so?

– Yes.

– Fine.

Squares of “apartments” lit up in our house, yells of joy were heard, today people celebrate. Sea “turned on” the electricity. He did this sometimes, but I was shy to ask him for it, and even ask if it was possible giving to us electricity forever. Only when it was needed, I asked for. Sea has never refused. But he turned it on only sometimes when he was in a good mood. The water that everyone kept at home began to glow and illuminate the space. The devices that we were able to save began to work.

Multicolored patterns moved across the dark water, casting shadows on the clouds that protected us from the angry sun. The blackness was covered with bright patches of ornaments.

– How beautiful, – I said.

– Do you think? he demanded.

– Sure.

– Well, – he said thoughtfully, – I hope it’s really beautiful.

I knew he was drawing it for him. Who is he to him? A lost brother? An enemy? Maybe an enemy? After all, when he thought the Unclean was him, Sea tormented him. My mood also up. Yeah, why did I decide that he needed this moron, not to destroy?

Indeed, it’s a good evening today.

AlbireoMKG, Cat in the window.

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