Старенький отличный анекдот


Seals of the past

#Hi_from_reality Art&concept by Ol Albireo Feel free to write your stories and name arts. You also can do not only write, but draw, sing, create music and sculptures, translate into other languages you learn for practicing (and never simplify text when you translate it!). Show us that you did. Seals of the past

What would that mean?

271. “Paku” iun gravan penson/okazaĵon/novaĵon laŭvorte per unu aŭ du vortoj (nu, aŭ simbolo/rideto) kaj subskribu ilin “Kion tio signifus?” #Mi_estas_ĉi_tie_eterneco 271. “Pack” some important thought/event/news literally in one or two words (well, or a symbol/smiley) and sign them “What would that mean?” #I_am_here_eternity 271.”Упакуй” какую-то важную мысль/событие/новость буквально в одно-два слова (ну или символа/смайла)…