On the dark side


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts


On the dark side

She got out of the vagon and turned around. The Damned did not deceive. The train has indeed arrived. At Pi hour. The conductor cast a glance at her, looked at the ticket and let her into the wagon. She was not alone on the train, in general, there were quite a lot of people. Do they all go to the Dark Side? But she did not dare to speak to anyone. Indeed, it is not from a good life that people go there. She didn’t want to be questioned herself.

-The dark side,- an insinuating voice announced, and Radha shuddered. People went to the exits. And some remained seated. Where are they going? Is there something even further?

People came out onto the platform, Radha too. Someone was met, porters came up, took suitcases. Someone rushed to the arrivals, hugging them. And everyone they came for disappeared into the darkness. Soon Radha was left alone. No one here expected or met her. On the platform, a lantern dispelled the darkness, illuminating a patch of the station and the carriages of the standing train. If it were not there, then the darkness would be continuous.

Where should she go now?

Two stewarts passed by, one she already knew.

-Damned lantern, it lights and lights,- he swore.

-So this is still one of those, real ones, how can you extinguish it? – respectfully responded the second.

– I don’t like all this, the real, nothing can be done with it. And you never know where it will jump out at you, – the conductor said annoyed and emotionally.

– But you can distract people from these fragments, – the second one laughed, – with a brighter picture.

The voices faded away and soon the couple also disappeared into the darkness.

– Sweet lady! Hey! – someone suddenly called out.

Radha turned around. Is that for her? A young man walked quickly from the carriage towards her.

-it’s me who called you, – he smiled.

Radha also smiled involuntarily. The guy was kind of all bright, he didn’t belong here at all. Probably, he also came for something for which it is impossible.

-Don’t you know where to go?

-Not yet.

– And I don’t know, let’s go together, huh? We’ll figure it out there.

The offer seemed tempting to her. Still to be alone on the Dark Side is scary.

Radha nodded.

-And you?..

-My name is Alisher.

-Radha. – she smiled.

-Have you just arrived?

Radha nodded, but thought that she could not see in the darkness and said:

-Yes, also by this train, I’m here for the first time.

-It’s ok, I don’t think it will be very difficult to figure it out here, – he said.

She liked his confidence. It’s good, he is on the Dark Side for the first time, and do not lose heart.

She, of course, did not see that the creatures of darkness, seeing her companion, cringe in fear and prefer to get away from the couple wandering in the dark.

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