30 Things 2 Smile About

Shadow Prowler launched flashmob, so I decided to join.

30 things 2 smile about. My mind works systematic. So I divide things by big groups and it’s difficult, to find 30 things, because if we take as a thing smile to nice kitty and smile to nice bat as 2 things, it’s easy, but if we tale cuteness like one thing, all becomes harder. But I’ll try.

1. One, that always make me smile, without exception, is high-human behavior. It has many forms, but in the base it is always the same. When a human chooses a human, not their traumas, fantasies, offences, hostility. When a human behaves like a part of humankind – I always smile. It’s the most amazing and wondering thing for me as well. I am never amazed by some dead crap, like things and places, but human behavior in its high humanistic form is always a great wonder.

2. When city or nature behave for a human good. Rain what stops, when you need to go somewhere, green light semaphore tunnel when you hurry up, when you can see unseen help of nature or city… but wait, it’s again human behavior of a living being!)) aa, can I find something else to smile?

3. Funny fails of animals in video… but the most funny, when they get karma punishment of interrupting of human laws.

4. My beloved ones. 20 years old later I am still fallen in love with them, so when I see them – I always smile to them.

5. Sensual pleasure. Like, you know, when you with your beloved, drive car going somewhere, walk by coast or park, sit in your garden having breakfast, or  do fire in the evening, or just another cozy moment of calmness, I feel physical pleasure of calmness and coziness, then I smile.

6. Revenge. Karma. Revenge – it’s when you was a reason of embodiment of Law of Life. Karma – when Law of Life worked by its own. In my arrogant opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful things – pursuance of Life Laws. When I see it or know about it, I always smile. It’s not always about punishment for evil, when it’s about good for good – it’s the same. 

7. Manifestation of psychological type of person. When a person does that is the most natural of their base needs and old decisions to be a beautiful living being. A bright manifestation, even when it is aberrated, but I can see why someone does something like that, and it’s part of their psy-type (not stupid alluvial-crap desire) – I smile, because sincerity is always nice.

8. Humanistic antixenophobic narrative. Professional film, book, ideological art. When it’s aesthetic and has art whole-ness in it, with the idea of uniting and of all living beings have a place in life. 

9. Sarcasm. Sharp, deep, old sarcasm.

10. Mocking of stereotypes. When an object of stereotype uses it like an advantage, for a witty joke, or rises it to absurd form.

11. Nice idea. Of mine, or of someone.

12. When I’ve helped my heroes of book. All they come to me with some problem, and want the truth to embody. And when I put the last point, and feel all said out their word, and no one from them now feel a pain because of lie, I smile.

13. When I see in heart of someone woke up the Red Gene (understanding of humanistic idea of communism, yes, it’s the most liberal and honest way of living. No, all those forbids and banns were anti-communistic, yes, under its flag, but we have fascist culture of canceling under liberal flag, so the main thing is not a flag and name, but acting, even Jesus said that – you will know me and my people by acting, not by name) and it means someone in one step closer to be Human, not just be begotten.

Launcher found 11 items, and said to be continued. I repeat. I found demon dozen (in Russia 13 is called so). Maybe you will find 30?

So, what you smile about? 

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