For a slave

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Firokami is a city of wealthy perverts and their sex slaves. All kinds of dark fantasies you can see here. The beauties are forced to serve the limitless dark fantasies of wealthy masters. But what if love intervenes in this vice? Will the vice become pure or such love will be vicious?

A handsome and strong man – Elon – he attracts attention wherever he is. The embodiment of erotic fantasies, skilled in love for every taste. And who cares that he’s empty inside. A weak-willed slave who dreams of getting old as soon as possible in order to get the cherished freedom.

Is his life hell? It is unlikely because he does not have desires, the loss of which leads to despair. This is just life and someday it will end. His life is Ad*, a wayward handsome boy who so easily agrees to give up his own freedom. Elon begins to understand something when, having met him, he got desires.

Ad – in Russian means hell

Sado-maso gay love novel.

Available in docx, fb2, epub


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