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#семейное So, it happened. This is a new novelette of Andrew.
It’s really cool.

I’ve just finished the translation Mr. Vachss’ first fiction book into Russian – Flood. And now I’ve read his last novelette. His style became even much brighter, as a diamond under right light. The accents are right and exact, in each sentence, and each phrase. Each word is paced properly. It is about the style. About the idea. It’s very useful, and important thing for the future and life itself. I was born in USSR, and there was idea in our new soviet fairy-tales, when monsters from old creepy, ghost stories, from old fairy-tales worked for good of USSR, Baba-yaga was a keykeeper or a watchwoman, or a babysitter, a silvan was a forester, ghosts were speed-postmen and so on. It showed, all un-fiters\un-likers could be useful, and be adopted by society, and\or just live your life, without fouling all around; we had some writings about psychopaths, who can find their place, without harming people. I believe in that. Mr. Vachss said more than one, psychopaths are people without empathy and with sense of entitlement. And I am sure the society has to stop taking as sacral and romantic all those pseudo-cold-blooders, sufferer-super-heroes, and other misfit x-men, who live above\over\super of society and nourish their offences against mankind. It’s time to return them all into our human system (I don’t mean any government’s systems, it’s just about all human family). It’s ok, if someone has a lack of empathy, but we should ruin their sense of entitlement. And this novelette is a great chance, maybe only one chance, not only for the society. It’s a great chance for psychopaths too. For those people who can’t find their place in society and life, maybe they could do it, after reading it. Not all. But if we get even some part of them, really best ones of them, they will\could work WITH us, not AGAINST us. It’s not just a story, not just a novelette, it’s a chance, a way to the better future.
Is it possible to make this story better? Yes. Making it longer, a novel from a novelette.
I like such people, as the main character is. I like to read about them. I like an intellect. I am tired of emotional whimperers in any narrative art, tired of damaged heroes, and all these martyrs. So, I would like to read more about a man with a great mind. I’d like to know who are those people, who hired the main character.
I strongly recommend this hope of life to read. It is so important to see beauty and usefulness. Don’t waste this chance. So, I am extending my right hand, guiding your fingers to my pulse with my left and swear that on my life, you’ll like it. And this is the truth.

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Andrew Vachss

I’ve never tried pure e-format before. But I’ve been bitching about the high price charged for e-books for long time, and Behavior is the Truth, right?

My latest, The Questioner, comes out today. The publisher has permitted making the price as low as possible, and I’m grateful. My only regret is that the low price makes it ineligible for Amazon SMILE, which mean,s the LDICP won’t benefit at all from those who buy this one.

So here’s my experiment: if you like the product and the price, we’re hoping that motivates you to toss a fiver to the LDICP (
If that happens, we might have an everybody-wins scenario. And if *that* happens, we’re going to roll out a full-length novel. At a radically reduced price. Your call, folks.

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