About Us

We create that must be

The Imagination makes a life richer, the fantasy – brighter. How often do we think — oh, if it was, if it were so …
We erase the «if »
Your fantasy deserves incarnation.

Email: albireomkg@gmail.com

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/albireomkg


Design & Art:

web, polygraphy, graphics, illustration.
Portfolio — http://marikolalbireo.deviantart.com/; https://www.talenthouse.com/marikol-albireo.

Html/css coding.





articles, essays, researchings, monographs, reviews.

Copywriting, content.


Lyrics, greetings, poems (thematic and for collections).

Fiction (thematic).

Literary translation.

Provided languages:
English, German, Italian, Spanish, French,
Danish, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Polish,
Bulgarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Esperanto, Finnish,
Russian, Greek

Translation into Russian, including a literary one, from other languages.

Deciphering the eastern, ancient and other symbols (in the cases of the providing all available data)
Including: Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Sanskrit


Writing lyrics.

Provided languages:
Russian, English.

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