Elohim is a plural, now in English!

#LuluAuthor #IndieApril2019 #WritingCommunity Ta-dam! My Sci-Fi short story is in English now! You can buy it on lulu.com, here http://www.lulu.com/…/elohim-is…/ebook/product-24052615.html
(or just write to me if you want to be my reader and get any of my books for review)

The City gave to Science Reseach Institute to find the High Reason. Scientists do an experiment and get a response. But from whom?

From: Let the gardener tell about his, and me about mine. You know, there is such parable. One writer had a gardener, and once the gardener said: «Here is an idea came to my mind, maybe, it’s useful to you» and told the remarkable idea for a novel. The writer was delighted and said: «It’s a remarkable idea, write down it, and you will become a writer!» the gardener answered: «I am not a writer, I am a gardener. There’s no need for me. You are a writer — you write, you’ll turn it out to be better and more beautiful». The writer said: «Well, thank you, how can I thank you for it back? Oh, you know what, hold this bit of a tasty apple, there are a lot of seeds, I don’t need them, but you will grow up a wonderful apple garden». And they parted, happy with each other. Everyone should do what can best of all.

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