Extra puzzles

#quantum_crime #extrapuzzles Here is 2nd chapter of my quantum crime of series Extra puzzles, To where you are waited for.

“It’s perfectly worked.” Shan praised. “Only you’ll need to pass once again along the route. Do it, guys, that way, in two-fifteen you would leave the shop. I need the record of the same time.”
The detectives annoyancely moaned. Shan put hands on their shoulders. Crookedly smiled.
“Guys, you know that it should be like that, huh?”
“And for what free lunches offer for him?” Mergen muttered, having inclined by his cheek to the hand of the boss.
“If somebody offered me free food, I wouldn’t work at all,” Hahn stroked and covered Shan’s palm.
“Be my slave; I’ll feed you.” The boss offered right there, then transferred the gaze to Mergen. “You too.”
“Let’s go to Faige. To know what he has and let him count to us when we need to leave the school.” Hahn ignored the proposal, without taking away the palm from the cold skin of Shan.
“Aha. And we’ll give all this stuff to Rodon.” Mergen responded, also without taking away the cheek from the boss’ palm.
If someone looked at this scene, now, they would think that they see some sectarian rite or alien interaction.

You can read it here (it’s free) https://www.goodreads.com/…/1091900-extra-puzzles-to-where-…

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