I am here, Eternity – the game started!

For several years in a row, I wrote before the New Year that in NY we would be online, and everyone who feels lonely can write to us or Skype, to talk. Of course, by default, it was for online friends. By default. But the post didn’t indicate it was for friends. I wrote: everyone who feels lonely. Yes, anyone could write to me))

Noctiluca launched a cycle of psychological games in which adults explore themselves, do childish tasks, fool around, and all this in order to think about a given topic, to remember themselves as a human being. It’s all about to see that the world is not cruel and that all people are equal. Noctiluca’s games have rules, chat, symbolic fee, gifts at the end for everyone, and for each other in the middle. And in the last game, I saw some people who joined the game, they did not pay for participation, did not enter the chat, did not do all the tasks. Just sometimes suddenly they did some tasks. Strangers who just found the game by hashtag. These are such strong sprouts of humanity, I suddenly thought.

So I decided something. I launch a similar game too. Eternal one. As long as I’m online, it will keep going. On all online platforms I am – this game will be going.

Every day I will post a task under the hashtag of the game #I_am_here_eternity, and even if I leave some plarform, using this hashtag you can find the game “I’m here, eternity” and complete the task which somehow resonates with you, and put this hashtag. Or you can do it without putting hashtag, because the essence of the game is for you to remember yourselves, and the essence of the hashtag you can find each other. You can play as much as you want and whenever you want. I will not follow you)) but if you want me to see your task – send me a link to it. You can put it under any of my posts, on any site, just put the hashtag of the game in the comments with your link, so I know you need me to follow the link, there is your game – I just don’t follow the links in the comments))

By the way, you can invent your own tasks under this hashtag and create and continue new circles of the game.

So, everyone who feels lonely – unite and play your game))

There is only one thing all evil is afraid of – the uniting.

Many years ago people believed on May 31 the gates to the Eternity were opened. So I’m starting today.

The game will be going in Russian, English and Esperanto.




And the First task is –

We conceived it (we – those who decided to join our secret Order of Eternity) in order to find ourselves in a magical and beautiful world. Firstly, let’s take a picture of it and name it.

If it was raining and there are puddles in the place where you live, find a puddle that reflects the entrance to this magical world of yours and take a picture of it.

And if there are no puddles, then create this entrance – pour water into a container that you think is suitable, and put it there and so, it would reflect the entrance to your newly created world.

What is it called? Post a photo with the name of the world so that other members of the Order know the address and can look into it.

The hashtag of the eternal game you know – #I_am_here_eternity



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