A magic word

Should I number tasks? Of course, while one or two, it seems to be logical. But when it will be thousands?
Well, if I joined about five years after the start of the game, and the tasks were unnumbered, and I would like to find them all, I would be infuriated by the lack of numbering. Ok. Then I will number them.

Let’s create a word-amulet, a word-spell, a magic word. A word that we will speak before or in some difficult situation. The main sign that the word is correct is – it works.
After a while, when the word begins to turn into an egregore (and it will definitely start, all spells do this), when you feel that the word doesn’t help you, but you are afraid not to say it, and you think if not to say that something bad will happen. That’s it, it means that the word stopped helping, and began to interfere – then we deactivate it.
But first, the creation of the word.

1.Say a number from 2 to 9.

2.Name a number from 1 to 21

3.Name a number from 1 to 6
You can add an even more factor of randomness – write the numbers from 1 to 6 on half a sheet of paper, surrounding each with space, on the other half from 1 to 21 and, closing your eyes, poke the number with a pencil.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you chose in step 1

Well, for example, you chose 5.

The number of letters in the word-amulet

First consonant (there are 21 of them)

Second vowel (there are 6 of them)

Third consonant (21)

Fourth vowel

Fifth consonant
«A», «E», «I», «O», «U», «Y»
«B», «C», «D», «F», «G», «H», «J», «K», «L», «M», «N», «P», «Q», «R», «S», «T», «V», «W», «X», «Y», «Z».
In the example, the word fell out: Hodaq

To activate the word, you need to introduce it to good luck. First, say it after something good has happened, after each small thing. Then, before something good happens, when you know for sure that it will happen.
If the word doesn’t work, somehow it happened by chance that it is not yours at all, just go through the ritual again.
When the word understands what luck is, it will be possible to pronounce it before controversial situations, so that they will be resolved in your favor.
But as soon as the word begins to require sacrifice, as soon as you become afraid not to say it in the morning, before the situation, before going to bed – deactivate it. Write it on paper and burn it. Or just stop saying it. Nothing will happen. It’s just psyche will convince you something bad will happen))). This is your word. It should help, and when the magic turns into greed, get rid of it.
Under the hashtag of the game, write success or failure it, a beautiful word, or you would like to rename it (by the way, rename it if you want). Don’t say a word in a post. It’s secret one. By the way, you can post it when it stops working.
Then you can then create a new one.

Secret tip: In the first week, use the word often until you are sure it works as it should. And then, use it only really in situations where magic is needed. So it will serve you for many years. If you waste your magic word on stupid things, and even more, on lies, it will lose its magic power and turn into a monster much faster.

Good luck to you,
*this word I can share freely, it belongs to all the players of Eternity!


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