What is your castle from?

  1. Summer has begun, as it says in USSR – the summer is a little life. Of course, when it’s summer, it’s the sun, and yes, the sea, of course. How we can be without him (I call the Sea – he)?
    And sand, as well.
    But if the sun shines equally on everyone on the planet, and the sea only beckons in the same way)), then the sand is neither one nor the other. But he’s adorable.
    If you rub your hands with sand, which is pleasant, they become smooth, smooth, if you pour it, you can look at this stream of sand endlessly. It’s like a form of meditation. And what amazing pictures are made with sand! If you take a photo of sand with high zoom, you get a surprisingly beautiful and bright picture. And, of course, if you say “summer, sand” – then you think about the beach, and sand castles immediately appear. You know, those, from beautiful sand competitions. The real ones are so-so, always))
    But constructing them is awesome.

So, go where the sand is and build your castle.
If there is no sand nearby – build it with whatever is. With matches, playing cards, cubes (grab it from saplings if they live in your house), magnets from a raped refrigerator, ground, mosaics, constructor, you can build it with rice, flour – whatever else! The main thing is that you should be pleased to touch and build it and destroy it would be a pity.
Now be proud of the photo of your castle.


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