Wish Fulfillment Mail


  1. Create a new email. Give it a name that speaks: anxiety, problems, desires, plans, let it happen, help, a magician in a blue helicopter, Santa Claus, God, or something like that.
    From the main (or just another) mail, write a letter to this e-mail about what you want to get rid of or what you want to receive. But one letter – one problem. When you write it, don’t hold back and don’t be modest. If you write out an insult – write painfully and clumsily, curse the offender without embarrassment, just the way you think, without smoothing it, if you write out a desire, write without flirting, without hiding behind beautiful arguments. No one will read this except the Executor of wish, you do not need to put your name under it. When the letter arrives, simply mark it as read without reading it.
    Wait three days if you wrote the letter honestly – you’d feel the release of resentment and pain, your situation would become much easier if you did not hide behind in this letter, didn’t try to look better, didn’t try to belittle yourself flirtatiously. If you honestly wrote about your desire, justifying why you need it, then you would see the path to fulfilment or even the desire would be fulfilled. If nothing has changed, write the next letter on the same topic, but more honest. Because it means the Executor of wishes hasn’t believed you.
    In a post under the hashtag of the game, give this email to others. Let them write to your Executor of wishes, too. And you can write to someone’s Executor of wishes under the same hashtag. Don’t read received letters from others (they aren’t for you), just mark them as read. Or read, but then, it turns out that you have become an assistant to the Executor of wishes if you decide this letter is for you. Then you have to do at least some small thing to that wish in someone’s letter you read will be fulfilled. No, you don’t need to execute it, but something will need to be done.
    Be careful! If you read the letter that is not for you and decide not to do anything, part of your success will go to the fulfilment of someone else’s desire.
    This e-mail can be used permanently, for sending anxieties, problems and desires.


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