Zen rock garden

  1. You will need a plate, vase, bowl or any tray, even a mug, glass or jar will suit.
    Go outside, fill up a bag of sand or ground, pick up stones or fragments of bricks, anything captivating, you can take a few twigs, sticks, grass.
    If you don’t have sand-ground nearby, take flour (it’s more pleasant to play with it than with kinetic sand even!) or salt. You can, if you have them nearby, gather small stones.
    Fill the container, leave half a centimeter to the edge, and start creating your composition. Your fantastic landscape. Don’t overload it! How do you know when the zen rock garden is ready? When you feel peace in your mind, stop.
    Put the Zen Rock Garden where it will be easy for you to see and touch from the workplace.
    Now, in any mess situation, shift the structure until you peacemake your mind.

I collect stones, and at one time, I had a corner of the apartment set aside for them, there stones were just placed. And the guests there constantly stuck in, building turrets, paintings, mandalas from stones. And they became calmer, and their mind became clearer. It was as if the stones gave them a part of their eternal calmness.


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