Magic world on a newspaper


19.Oh, what a sacred thing we have today. If you have a day off, then this is fine, if not, then complete this task on the day off. And today do preparations. It’s cool too.
You need a newspaper, a real one, that unfolds to A0 size. Probably, you can take the smaller one, but in the sacred tasks we will use the classic recipe. Since it’s magic, I don’t know how it works.
You also need an unnecessary suitcase or chest. Or a big box.
You also need torn children’s books, if you haven’t any, I don’t know if the magic will work, but let’s try to take magazines and catalogs. Yes, I feel like it will work. But whether the glue will work instead of boiled starch or potatoes – I don’t know)) you can try this and that way)
Unfold the newspaper, cut out pictures from the catalogs, and glue them on the newspaper so that we get a coherent story.
Glue pictures only on one side of the newspaper and that way the whole fairy tale – or at least its logical part – would place on it.
You don’t have to compose a fairy-tale, just cut and paste as you see it fits.
One fairy tale – one newspaper. Then put the newspaper in a suitcase-chest-box. Close it.
Open it in moments of spiritual confusion and reread it.

I was taught this magical ritual by my grandmother, a princess from the starry world. When you are especially sick at heart, and it seems to you that nothing will help you, try writing your own fairy tale on a newspaper made of fragments. It’s amazing to watch how lonely pictures from different worlds become magical parts of one world.


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