A world where everything can be


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

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A world where everything can be

The dark space in front of him was endless. And it shimmered like infinity itself. Creative chaos. Still nothing, but already containing everything.

He calculated the options, dismissed the unnecessary ones and launched the postulate of creation.


The blue shining fragments of life, the best and most beautiful aspirations, were formed into a pattern, the laws of life were written into the created world. In Dark blue, of course.

The star of knowledge flashed white, without which there can be no peace and no happiness.

Around the young world circled, now unnecessary, the reverse postulates that determine its creation, those that were definitely not this world, but which were needed to determine what this world would be. Not by them.

The Creator has dispelled unnecessary options. You always have to clean up after yourself. It is indecent to leave construction debris. Otherwise, it will interfere with its lies in life.

-Wait, but you destroyed the chances for so many things to happen! – said the One who saw the creation.

– No, of course, everything according to the laws of life will continue to happen, – the Creator smiled, – I removed only that which still cannot be.

– Anything is possible! – the Seen stubbornly objected.

– Not anything, – the Creator smiled, condescendingly and arrogantly paternal. Not on purpose, it happened by accident. Or maybe the Seen just took it that way.

The Creator stepped into the world to see what he got.

And the Seen, throwing a last angry glance at him, turned away.

“Anything is possible,” he whispered, as he hissed.

The Seen made this a postulate and, peering into the void, tried to create his own world. Where everything can be!

But the world could not begin to live. It might be, or it might not be. Both possibilities were fulfilled immediately and the world, appearing, disappeared. The blue shards did not pull up to the world, because they might not pull up. The Laws of life were not prescribed there, because they were not needed, where everything could be.

The One who saw the evil groaned.

– What are you whining about? – heard the Seen.

He turned around. The Desperated, of course.

– This upstart created another world. Destroyed the opportunity to choose there. All according to their stupid Laws of life. I want to create my own world! Where everything can be! But I can’t, I’m missing something!

– Wait, how are you doing it? – the Desperate asked. After the pain experienced, he did not believe in the good. But nearby the Seen  he was calm.

– Here, – The Seen showed his postulates and a crooked craft.

– Ah, – the Desperated chuckled, – you build it only on the truth, like all those. You need to add a lie. Everything is possible, – said the postulate the Desperated, – live and die!

There was an explosion, fragments scattered from the first death of an impossible postulate, began to unfold into galaxies and planets. Chaotically gathering into systems. Living and dead.

– Oh, –  breathed the Seen admiringly, looking at the world appearing before him.

The Desperated collected debris flying around the world and stuffed them inside.

– A star of knowledge? – asked the Seen.

– Ah, well, may be light, – the Desperated postulated.

– What are you doing? – Maya approached them.

– We create a world where everything can be.

– An Illusion? I like it, – Maya smiled.


– Well, are we leaving them? – the raven asked the creator.

The Creator sighed.

– Here, take it and thing it to there, – the Creator threw a dark blue net over him.

The raven flew over the world where everything can be, dropping the Real into the Illusion. Laws of life. Written in dark blue, of course.

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