Lance again!


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts

– What else is it? – Lance asked tiredly, looking at the burning gold dial.

– A modest sundial, of course, – the Watchmaker somehow grinned at himself.

– Okay, oldy, tell me already, – Lance sighed resignedly and sat down in a chair.

He prepared to listen to a long story. Watch history. Then the history of the importance of this watch. Then a story about the remarkable merits of this watch – once there lived a young man or a girl or someone else, and trouble happened to them, and if not for the watch, they would not have seen happiness. Then the story of how the clock got to the Watchmaker … oh yeah, and another story of how the rajahs and kings killed each other and themselves for this watch. All the stories of these magical things were the same. And only then, imbued with the importance of the artifact, Lance or some other mug will hear that the watch has chosen him. It won’t be long before he finally gets told what he needs to do. You might think that the Watchmaker has never heard of Lance and does not know that he does not refuse orders, he simply cannot – since he is so unlucky and all magical things were drawn to him and chose him. And it would be possible to care him and not feed him with these stories.

– Once upon a time … – the Watchmaker began wisely and smiling brightly.

Lance bared his teeth, believing that he just smiled enthusiastically, although it looked like all his teeth ached.

– Oldy, my brain is arranged on the contrary. Start from the end, firstly, what needs to be done. And then what happened, and then why me, and then how the watch got to you … – came, according to Lens, a great idea into his head.

Well, heroes can be weird.

– Oh, but you won’t understand anything like that! – the Watchmaker was upset.

– That’s the only way I’ll understand,- Lance sighed feignedly, shook his head in dismay, – the consequences of witchcraft. Old story.

– Oh, well, yes, yes, of course … you are a hero, it’s up to you … you need to make one world live according to this Sundial. Otherwise, it will collapse. And everyone there will die.

– What kind of world?

– Kevtsis.

– Yeah, – Lance nodded, quickly and flexibly jumping out of his chair, grabbed the watch and jumped to the side, hiding in the portal.

– But! .. Wait, but how? ..

– Thank you, oldy, you are the best storyteller! – reached the Watchmaker.

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