Under the light of a star with the name


Art&concept by Ol Albireo
Feel free to write your stories
and name arts

-There she is. And while they are enjoying life there and dancing in circles, warm and full, we are forced to vegetate here, in the dark, cold, in the evil desert, in which nothing grows!
He spat angrily on the cracked earth.
-But we don’t have enough life to reach it, – Keneria objected and sniffled, – remember, the priest said that even the path there is guarded by three stars. And only if they send you a beam can you get into…
He laughed evilly and shook his head.
-But we can reach one of the stars, right? And we can also make her release a beam.
-How? – the girl was surprised and scratched her elegant twisted horn.
-What do you think the stars are afraid of? – Raken asked slowly and smiled, baring his fangs.
-To extinguish, of course!
-And how do you extinguish the star?
-I’ll make everyone forget about her!

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