Scarlett trap


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

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Scarlett trap

-Hush, freeze, Loon! – the thief shouted to his partner and he froze like a statue.

His partner, the half-breed elf, obediently froze. Tamerius was much more experienced than him.

-Don’t move, no matter what happens,- Tamerius muttered, almost without moving his lips.

Their disk was approaching a strange cluster, over which a red bat hovered. The cluster shone gold and diamond.

Just as the disc was about to touch the cluster, Loon’s heart suddenly began to beat so violently and his vision darkened so much that he seemed to fall into oblivion. An unbearable feeling seized him. Loon glanced at Tamerius, tears running down the werewolf’s cheeks.

Some kind of inaudible sound, piercing and very clear, penetrated a couple of swindler star wanderers, tearing either eardrums or hearts.

Loon wanted to run away, but Tamerius seemed to sense it and looked at him sternly. As the disc passed the cluster, the sense of loss was ready to kill. Tamerius fell to his knees and sobbed. Loon also wanted to howl with anguish, but he rushed to console his comrade.

-Tami, what are you doing? Well, you?

-Now you can, you, too, tear, it will help.

Loon sobbed and stopped holding back tears.

-What was it?

-Trap. Dangerous trap.

-Trap? Tell me!

-Don’t worry, we can’t get into it. No way, – and Tamerius burst into tears even more.

-Then why are we freezing?

-Don’t to jump in there! They wouldn’t let us in and it would kill us.

-Have you already jumped?

-Not! I told you otherwise it would have killed me. But I saw those who threw themselves. And so … there is hope that someday they will call us … or let us in.

Loon looked back, but the Cluster was gone.

– Why did we fly past this Trap?

-It’s not us, it’s she. Sometimes he moves his worlds to a new place. Therefore, it can occur anywhere.

– She is? He? Who? – not understanding, shook his head elf.

– She is a trap, he is the one who created her, – Tamerius exhaled heavily, calming down and got up. – Okay. The innocent people of Dorbadzhia are waiting for us. It’s a good place for us.

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