A cat in the window


Art&concept by Ol Albireo

Feel free to write your stories

and name arts

-Look, Kern, let’s go, let’s go there! There’s a light on! – Thea shouted joyfully, pulling our guide by the hand, – there are people, get out! And the cat in the window!

Thea laughed.

I looked at her face, all scarred from acid rain, and sighed.

-These are not people. We won’t go there,- I said.

She somehow fell into disgrace, went limp, like a sharply withered flower. Thea whimpered and looked once more at the mirage that the dead city was creating.

Although dead, he needed inhabitants. Also dead. Everything ate everyone. The absolute idea of ​​”everyone for themself”, which experts and coaches of the plastic world loved to propagate. And when the problems faced by the world were those that can be solved only when everything is done for everyone, of course, the world could not stand it.

-Let’s go to the sea. We’ll spend the night there,- I said.

The Sea was safe. The evil spirits – the uncleans – were afraid to approach all one hundred meters of the beach strip.

Thea, head down, walked behind us, sobbing softly. I grimaced in annoyance. It’s still the damn cat. Creatures are getting smarter. Everything is developing. And the uncleans. And what was lifeless. If you want to survive, develop. The uncleans understood. But people didn’t.

Even when it couldn’t be any clearer, people still managed to break into gangs and exterminate each other. How did they hope to survive on their own?

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Rakhmet, a hunter.

-You whispered again, people are afraid,- he said warmly.

-Oh yeah, I am whom they should fear, aha, – I spat out angrily.

Rakhmet spread his hands.

– I have no other people for you.

We smiled at each other.

-But there must be, – I said, – there must be those, others, somewhere. Well, Indian Sikh-communists, I don’t know, German communes, Russian Bolsheviks. Somewhere there are others, Rakhmet, the adults. Let’s find them, shall we?

-Let’s take the people to the Sea first,- he said soothingly, gutturally.

I sighed.

-Let’s go to the Sea, – what else remains for us.

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