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Art&concept by Ol Albireo

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-Just listen to what they write, literature is a business. When it’s a business it’s no longer literature. They also need to straighten their hands … with an ax… on their shoulders! With this, – the antiquary nodded at the ancient Scandinavian ax, above some old carved chest of drawers.

Edik looked at the ax and nodded.

-Yes, it’s all clear, but  where can I get real clients? – he asked.

-I don’t know, let’s print your leaflets, put them at the entrance and at the cash desk, at my place. Sometimes junk lovers and collectors like to turn to magicians. Either damage to an old thing, or something else. Everyone wants miracles.

-Well, you can, but it’s not that … how to make them come to me in a stream? – Edik stretched out his long legs and almost lay down in a comfortable old chair. – Where can I place an ad so that everyone knows?

-Well… – Kar thought out.

A bell rang in the next room.

-Oh, get ready, now we will arrange the junk, they brought a new batch, – Kar got up.

Edik exhaled deeply and looked out the display window. Behind the glass, the town was celebrating summer. Kar spread his hands.

-Well, I don’t know, put your ad in a magic ball, you’re a magician. Let’s go already.

And the antiquary went to meet the forwarder. Edik looked at the golden stone ball. He stood on a thin stand and seemed to float in the air.

-Magical services, I solve problems of any complexity, – Edik said into the ball and went to the back room, following his friend.


-Hello, Salon Magic from the heart, – Una answered cheerfully on the phone.

-Hello, I just heard your announcement, do you solve problems of any complexity? – timidly asked at the other end.

-Yes, what happened to you? – Una asked amiably.

-I need to get my soul back, I lost it in backgammon.

Una rolled her eyes.

-Yes, of course, we will return your soul, welcomely come.

-Thanks! – the male voice on the other end rejoiced, – but I can’t come. Would you come after midnight to the crossroads at the hippodrome. The passage between the worlds will open and I can get out.

-Well, of course, – Una sighed and quickly added, – we take an advance payment.

-Yes, I understand. Do you take souls?

-No, only money, precious stones and metals.

-Well-well. I will bring gold with me. It is a pity that you do not accept souls, I have very good ones.

Magic from the heart, AlbireoMKG

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